Healing Circle Session



This particular service is a specialized reading for couples. Which last two hours. Three spirit lead cards will be pulled for each person. From two different decks, and one bonus pull for more insight into the present issue. This particular service lasts an hour for the reading portion and an additional hour for any presenting issue the couple would like to discuss.

This service will be performed via zoom. In a private safe space to ensure confidentiality and comfort for all parties involved. These readings center on fostering intimacy through meaningful conversation with your mate/partner. My Healing Hands is open to all sexual orientations/dynamics. Same-sex couples are welcome. This is a safe space for all forms of expressions of love and intimacy. This includes couples that are in all stages of courting. Even if you are casually connected. Be blessed all.

Note Zoom link will be sent to the email address provided at the time of purchase. The option to record will also be available per the client’s request for later viewing.

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